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I recommend working with a real estate professional to help you find good value and to protect your money. It may look easy, but finding the right home at the right value is hard work.

Realtors and loan officers can be good or not good. You are the customer, and we need to earn your business. Some will forgo this advice, so here is what you should do:

  • Make the purchase contingent on your obtaining financing. This way you will get your good faith deposit returned should the deal not complete.

  • Give 45 days to close.

  • Ask that the seller pay for owner's insurance policy. This is paid at the closing and will come right off the final check the seller gets.

  • Try getting seller's credit for closing costs.

  • Use a Florida Realtor Association contract. 

  • Request that damage found in inspection or appraisal be repaired by the seller.

  • Provide that the house you can back out if appraised value is below the purchase price.

  • Get the contract to us right away

  • Research comparable prices of homes nearby. Use Trulia or Zillow.

  • Get the inspection soon to identify any issues that require fixing or to back out. 
Try NOT to do it Yourself.......Get a Good Realtor

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