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Not Just a Pre-Approval **But A Full Bank Approval 

Imagine buying a home the right way. You already have a full bank approval! No stress on paper, no worrying about what the bank wants, no wondering what date you close.  

After you find the home you want, sign a contract and pick a closing date 2 to 3 weeks out. We then order the appraisal, order title, get the insurance, and confirm you still have your income (a pay stub).  Then we close. 1-2-3. 

It took the over 2.4 million loans last year 45 days to close. And, 1 out of 3 pre-approvals are denied by banks. You can be 15 days and 100% certain. 

  • It makes you equal to cash only buyers - better yet as your realtor can negotiate a price that works for both you and the seller.

I work with one of the few banks that accepts a TBD address. This means the property is “To Be Determined.” Here is the catch: you need credit, income and income documents, bank records, and IDs and find a home in 6 months 

Other than USDA, all loan programs are available: FHA - 580 credit score, 3.5% down, Conventional – 620 credit score, 3% to 5% down, VA (Veterans) – 580 credit score, $0 down, USDA - 580 Credit Score.  

I want to make getting a mortgage a pleasant experience. No worrying whether you will lose the house you fell in love with. No wondering what date you close. Not worrying how much money you will need.

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