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This loan program is available for first time home buyers only with excellent credit, but little money for a down payment. 

Not everyone qualifies.  

Who For: Only to first time home buyers.  

Credit: Minimum Score 700, and no bankruptcies in past 7 years. 

Income: No income limits. 

How it Works: Homebuyer pays 1%, the Lender gifts you 2% at closing, and you get an Equity Boost - you automatically have 3% equity.  

Other Terms: Rates depend on credit score and size of loan. You can close in in 30 days or less. Also available with no monthly Mortgage Insurance. 

Loan Sizes: $150,000 to $417,000. 

Less Paperwork: If you are a w-2 wage earner - no pay stubs or tax returns during loan process and no bank statements to submit 

The advantage of conventional loans is you stop paying mortgage insurance in the future, homes have easier appraisal standards, and higher loan amounts – FHA limits are at $275,000.  

Write or call me to see if you qualify.  

Mortgages - Great Credit - No Money for Down – First Time Homebuyers  

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